Otome Youkai Zakuro

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Otome Youkai Zakuro

It's the Meiji Era in a slightly alternate Japan, and the Gregorian calendar has just come into effect. The fox-eared girls living in the youkai part of town are about to be put to work together with a delegation of young human soldiers, to promote interracial understanding. So what will happen when Zakuro's strong personality collides with human sensibilities?
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Alternative Names: Demon Maiden Zakuro, Female Demon Zakuro, Girl Demon Zakuro
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Historical, Romance, Supernatural
Demographic: Seinen
Adapted from the manga, Otome Youkai Zakuro.


Sakurai Takahiro as Agemaki Kei, Toyosaki Aki as Bonbori, Kaji Yuuki as Hanakiri Ganryuu, Horie Yui as Hoozuki, Hanazawa Kana as Susukihotaru, Hino Satoshi as Yoshinokazura Riken, Nakahara Mai as Zakuro


Michael Eh?

Nice alternative history in spirit filled Japan. Who wouldn't fo for a tsudere girl with fox ears?


Teaming an army officier who's terrified of spirits with half-spirit girl who's comtemptuous of wussy soldiers seems bad for diplomacy and not too promising for romance, but it's great for comedy.


It's not bad though I have a feeling one the main characters will turn *** and/or die.

Club Notes

Date Reviewed: Nov 28 2010

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