One-Punch Man

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One-Punch Man
One-Punch Man

The world is full of strange monsters that mysteriously appear and cause many disasters. Saitama is a super powerful hero who easily defeats the monsters or other villains with one punch. However, after becoming too strong, Saitama has become bored of his powers and is always trying to find stronger opponents who can fight him.
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Genre: Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Supernatural, Superpowers
Demographic: Seinen
Adapted from the web comic, One-Punch Man - Manga



it's ok. this season seems a bit thin on stuff i like so i'll probably be following this one.


This is an entire superhero series compressed into one episode -- and amazingly, it's not a one-shot. And as it turns out, invincibility is boring, to experience, if not to watch. But I'd watch more of it, if only to satisfy my curiousity about where this could possibly go.


Don't bother. unless you love parodies.

Michael Eh?

Loving this!

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Date Reviewed: Oct 14 2015

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