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Murder Princess OVA

In the 4th of Month of Jade, Cyndina Era 672, a coup d’etat broke out in Foreland. To escape the assault, Princess Arita fled the castle. She ran screaming into the forest as her guards were killed by unknown assailants. When she exited the forest, she came upon a woman drawing her sword.
The woman, Pharis, was the strongest bounty hunter in history. It is rumored that she killed a dragon and is accompanied by Death. As Arita tried to ask Pharis for help, she bumped into her. This caused the land beneath them to give way and send them crashing off a cliff. While they were falling, a light swallowed them. They landed on the ground, but their souls had been exchanged. Pharis, now in Arita`s body, asked that she be allowed to protect the country as princess and Arita agreed. Now, the strongest and most cruel princess in history is born: Murder Princess.
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Genre: Action, Comedy, Fantasy
Demographic: Seinen
Adapted from the manga, Murder Princess.



"Adventure and medival swordplay are 2 things to be expected from a title like Murder Princess. It tries to be original with a sowrd-wielding princess adn some robotic children but fails. However, it may show some hope with more character development.


I really like the combination of fantasy type story and style with higher tech like that weird robot, but my favourite part was the body swap. I'm a sucker for those (type of shows). I'd definitely like to see more episodes.

Michael Eh?

It's Freaky Friday crossed with character designs that belong to video game Dark Stalkers. Still it has someredemption that the Princess isn`t being saved by a hansom prince but by a female bounty hunter which shows (using the Princess's own body) that her redemption lays in her own hands. Only her upbringing to be just a princess has crippled her into believing she can be a hero or a ruler. For video game fans as well as anime, this is a show to be noticed.


interesting premise & good story. otherwise not for exceptional. i'd be willing to follow this OVA.

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Date Reviewed: May 13 2007

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