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Liar Game

At the sight of greed, your average human being always chooses money over integrity; however, such a thing is impossible for the Nao Kanzaki, who is about the most honest person you can find. But when she accidentally joined "The Liar Game", her honesty has proved to be a deadly poison. In a game where every player has to either trick their opponents and get gain a large prize, or be burdened with a equally large debt, the honest Nao Kanzaki has no choice but to get help from Shinichi Akiyama, who is a genius con artist that conned a multi billionaire company. With the help of Akiyama, Nao Kanzaki now participates in the dangerous world of the "The Liar Game"
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Author: KAITANI Shinobu
Artist: KAITANI Shinobu
Genre: Drama, Mystery, Psychological
Demographic: Seinen
Adapted into Live Action Drama TV series.



....EPIC!! so epic, I defiantly fell hard for this manga, At first I figured it would just be something that I could read to kinda fill time waiting for new updates and releases, Boy was I wrong! The Liar Game pulled me deeply within that tightly knit world of the 'what if' and 'unknown' I realized too late how much those first few chapters really dragged me in, Though the art in some places was lacking the plot and mental mind games that were thrown at you throughout the manga well made up for it. The Liar Game, Epic in every sense of the word, the main character ends up teaming up with... wait for it... an ex-convict! The author has done an amazing job of drawing the reader deep into the world they have created, and I can say when I go I never want to leave! its fun, fairly fast paced until around Volume 9 or so, but its awesome.. like AWESOME, the different things the author leaves for you to try and figure out before the characters figure it out or your told is defiantly something you'll get addicted to.. and before I write like 3 This is DEFIANTLY a MUST READ on my recommended reading for all you people that enjoy a good simulating mental read, If you give it a try I doubt you'll be disappointed.

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