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Ninja Scroll TV

Jubei Kibagami, the character from the Ninja Scroll movie returns, along with an endless array of weird Ninja for him to slice and dice. The TV series begins with a group of Ninja fighting in a forest over a special gem/talisman which is supposed to be delivered to the Hikari no Miko (Priestess of Light). Their incredibly weird and gory fight is interrupted by Jubei, who was sleeping nearby, and just wants them all to be quiet. He kills one of the attacking ninja, and her partner retreats to get reinforcements, while the remaining courier Ninja asks Jubei to become his bodyguard. Jubei, being the lazy sort he is, refuses and and wanders off.

Switch to a lost mountaintop Valley, where the Priestess of Light lives, she has been brought up here in this village away from civilization and knows nothing of the outside world. She encounters Jubei in the forests near the village, and shortly after that she goes to him again to ask him to tell her about the outside world. "People are people, sky is sky..." He tells her. Meanwhile, the attacker Ninja returns with a giant cyborg companion and attacks the village. The villagers are revealed to be a ninja clan themselves, sworn to protect the Priestess from harm, and despite their best efforts get slaughtered by the giant cyborg and evil ninja woman's "children" (She can make lifeforms from her own flesh.). The Priestess returns to find the village in flames and her guardians tell her to run, which she does aimlessly until she meets the courier Ninja from the beginning, who grabs her and takes her into the forest. Meanwhile, Jubei faces off against the evil Ninja woman in a duel...

Ambushed by one of the ninja-woman's "children" in the forest, the courier ninja fights while the Priestess flees on her own. Jubei defeats the ninja-woman, and tracks the Priestess to the courier, who is dying from his wounds. He gives Jubei the talisman and begs him to give it to the Priestess, a task to which Jubei agrees.


Alternative Names: Ninja Scroll TV, Juubee Ninpuuchou - Ryuuhougyoku Hen
Genre: Action, Adventure, Demons, Ecchi, Fantasy, Samurai



"An intriging ninja series with beautiful animation"

Crazy Leo

"If you liked the movie, you'll like the series."


"A chip off the old block; same taste, less filling."


"liked this one. Some of the characters were *really* ugly, but that was refreshing. Looks like its got places to go. The art was very nice."


"I absolutely hated the beginning, but it got better. The scary gross lady with the boy coming out of her shoulder was creepy. Usually I like the killer bloody stuff, but this was only not bad."


"It's completely different from the movie."



Michael Eh?

"Legendary Jubei with Ninja Scroll bad guys. A mix that can sell alone a series well in Japan BUT maybe not to old North Amercian fans of the movie. The original Ninja Scroll dealt more with inter-clan strife with a pair of doomed character never to love. Intrigue has given way to cliche. Only the weird lackeys remain literally larger than life. Also for some reason the people of ninja tribe resemble lesser known anime characters. One obvious character was Tiny from Battle of the Planets aka Gotchaman."


"Amazing animation, creepy and cool character designs, quick storytelling and fast action. There is nothing this series has that an action-fan doesn't crave, except maybe more sex, but then the modern Japanese Anime seems to be shying away from sex in favor of violence. Having seen beyond this first episode, the series turns into a giant game of football, with Ninja coming out of the woodwork trying to get that Talisman and slaughtering each other to do it. If at least three Ninja don't die an episode, then it can be considered a slow episode...And the evil Ninja are the best part! They just get more and more bizzare and you wonder what the creators are going to come up with next! Definitely thumbs up!"

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Date Reviewed: June 23, 2003

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