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The story revolves around an innocent, naive schoolgirl, Yume, who falls in love with a gorgeous ex-Yankee, Shoubu. Meanwhile, Yume's best friend, Roko, falls for Shoubu's best friend, Yuuji, who is a playboy.
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Author: TAKADA Rie
Artist: TAKADA Rie
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life
Demographic: Shoujo
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OK first thing first, I don't feel 'Yankee' is the word I would put with Shoubu, It just doesn't seem right, I'd be more inclined to say he was an ex-gang bike member makes him seem young(witch he is).... annnnnnyways.. lol word placements aside, this is a rather comedic romance with a girl that is waaaay to innocent for her own good and of course *drool* smexy Shoubu comes along and KA-BAM! instant addiction. It's a rather fast paced manga, there is always something new and funny going on, there is some seriousness but I wouldn't say a lot. I'd label this one of those 'for fun reads' were its entertaining but the seriousness of the few bits doesn't take away from the giggles your sure to have. If your into those cuteys comedy styled romances then I'd say this is most defiantly something you want to give a go round'.

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