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"Minimum" or "minor miracle"— special hereditary powers discovered only in an extremely limited number of humans. Those who possess such powers are known as "Minimum Holders."
Partners Nice (Ryota Ohsaka) and Murasaki (Wataru Hatano) form a detective agency called "Hamatora" in Yokohama in 2014 — but their "office" is a table at Cafe Nowhere where they and their friends wait for clients. An old acquaintance of theirs, a cop named Art (Hiroshi Kamiya), hires them for a serial murder case he is investigating, and they discover that the murder victims are all "Minimum Holders." As Minimum Holders themselves, Nice and Murasaki are drawn into this case, whether they like it or not.
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Genre: Action, Comedy, Game, Supernatural, Superpowers
Demographic: Seinen]
Adapted into a manga, Hamatora - Manga. Also see the anime, Re: Hamatora



been done before. getbackers comes to mind & a few others that pretty close. above average, but not exceptional.


cool anime, definitely worth checking out.


Some poverty-stricken superheroes, a few cute girls, a story with a touch of irony -- there's enough here for me to watch one more episode.

Michael Eh?

Get back! Get back! Getbackers that is really well done. Actually I'm liking the characters in this anime. Some easy and awesome cosplay potential with this show. Not bad plot.

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Date Reviewed: Feb 23, 2014

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