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Ghost Hunt

Seventeen-year-old Kazuya Shibuya is the president of the Shibuya Psychic Research Center, a think tank that studies psychic phenomenon. The firm investigates various strange occurrences at the behest of its clients, while Shibuya`s assistant, Mai Taniyama, deals with her love/hate relationship towards her boss.

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Genre: Horror, Mystery, Romance, Supernatural
Demographic: Shoujo
Based on a novel from Fuyumi Ono and Shiho Inada. A manga, Ghost Hunt, thats based on the novel got serialized in the shoujo manga magazine Amie, but after Amie magazine got defunct it continued in the shoujo manga magazine Nakayoshi.



"Seems a little contrived to just dump a half-a-dozen psychics, researchers, spiritualists and exorcists with no previous contact with each other into an abandoned school."


"A diverse team of ghost hunters investigate, possible supernatural phoneme. Feels like X-Files for the high school set."


"Starting with three school girls telling ghost stories and progressing to a small convention of self-professsed psychics, mediums and exorcists. The story is very finely balanced between the two possibilities; the ld school is really haunted or everyone's either a phoney or completely delusional. So, it looks interesting."

Michael Eh?

"First episode is a cliché of ghost and horror suspense movies with a gather of people in a spooky place. The lead character, a female student seems to be the likely victim in this menagerie of 'ghost hunters'. It would be more entertaining that there was more ghost action than just meetings."

Ultra Rob

"It's interesting to watch an anime based on a novel vs one based on a manga, they flow really differently. Manga-based anime seem to often just use the manga as a story board and so they go along at the same breezy pace as manga do, unfolding the story slowly. Book-anime on the other hand tend to be more "solid", with better setup and often reveal things at a faster pace because they often have more complicated plots to get to.

Ghost Hunt is based on a book, and having just watched the first episode I have to say it really shows. The pacing is odd, and it feels more like a movie than a normal anime, with a lot of film techniques being used, and more filmic characters. (i.e. not over-the-top exaggerated anime type characters) Oh, there are lots of weird and stylized people, but it's a different kind. They're stylized as people, not character designs. (A common problem with manga, where the visuals come first.)

Any ways. Ghost Hunt, as the name suggests, is about a psychic researcher called in to check out a haunted school. However, if you're looking for the latest Demon Hunter story (and god there are a lot of them!) then don't look here because so far this is actually pretty realistic. More X-files and less Buffy. I have no doubts we'll see some ghostly action, but in the first episode it's about character drama, and a few mysteries. I suspect that each "book" will cover a few episodes, and then the next one will do the same, but that's just a guess.

My only complaints are that it really tries to cram too many characters in the first episode, and isn't very good when it tries to be funny. But, when it's not being funny, it's a fascinating show and I'll definitely watch more.

My rating: B+"

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Date Reviewed: Jan 11, 2007

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