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Change 123

In Change 123, we meet Motoko, a girl with a very strange problem. In order to cope with her 3 adoptive fathers' incredibly intensive training methods, she developed multiple personalities, each with a different martial specialty. But what happens if none of them can beat her opponent on their own? And what further nugget of wisdom will be imparted by the great Kamen Raider?

Dans le changement 123, nous rencontrons Motoko, une fille avec un problème très étrange. Afin de faire face aux méthodes d'entraînement incroyablement intensives de ses 3 pères adoptifs, elle a développé plusieurs personnalités, chacune avec une spécialité martiale différente. Mais qu'arrive-t-il si aucun d'entre eux ne peut battre son adversaire par ses propres moyens? Et quelle autre pépite de sagesse sera transmise par le grand Kamen Raider?
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Alternative Names: Change Hifumi
Artist: IWASAWA Shiuri
Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Ecchi, Martial Arts, Romance, School Life
Demographic: Shounen
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There is sooooo much I could say about this manga, and it's simply because.... I BLOODY LOVE IT TO DEATH!!!! yes DEATH... lol so here's the break down, The art is amazing, the plot is interesting and doesn't leave you in a place that would be considered 'filler', I feel that you learn something worth while ever chapter, as well as every chapter getting better and better as you go along. *yells* 1 2 3 HiFuMi ATTACK!!! XD I really do love the plot line, a timid girl that has rather epic strong personalities just gets me laughing. There is a lot of what's said to be 'fan service' in the manga but I think it just makes it more epic. =D the story on a whole was clearly well developed and thought out by the author before even the first few chapters were written,this is not something I feel anyone could just pick up and 'skim' though and know what the plot was or what the characters personalities are. This is a must read on my list for sure I really do just love HiFuMi to death.

Yes that's right a MUST READ on my Recommended reading list!

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