Black Rock Shooter - Dawn Fall

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Black Rock Shooter - Dawn Fall

In the year 2062, Earth finds itself fiercely battling Artemis—an AI which rebelled against humankind following a grand-scale workforce automation project failure years prior. In the hope of winning the war, a group of three highly skilled human warriors is assembled, known as the guardians of humanity.
Empress, the last surviving guardian, wakes up alone in an empty research facility. Unable to recall anything from the past except a place called "Lighthouse No. 8," she begins to search for answers. It is not long before she discovers an impending threat from Artemis—and she is the sole person who can save the world from destruction.

En 2062, la Terre se retrouve à combattre férocement Artemis, une IA qui s'est rebellée contre l'humanité après l'échec d'un projet d'automatisation de la main-d'œuvre à grande échelle des années auparavant. Dans l'espoir de gagner la guerre, un groupe de trois guerriers humains hautement qualifiés est réuni, connus sous le nom de gardiens de l'humanité.
Empress, la dernière gardienne survivante, se réveille seule dans un centre de recherche vide. Incapable de se souvenir de quoi que ce soit du passé, sauf d'un endroit appelé "Phare n ° 8", elle commence à chercher des réponses. Elle ne tarde pas à découvrir une menace imminente d'Artemis - et elle est la seule personne qui peut sauver le monde de la destruction.
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Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Mature, Mecha, Psychological, Science Fiction, Superpowers
Demographic/Démographique: Seinen
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Michael Eh?

As nasty AF, I wonder what was in their minds to license this for their channel. Violence, hardcore (suggested) sex, nudity. This show breaks all those boundaries and more. Even so this is a rip off of Terminator which is rip off of Harlan Ellison story. All in all, it's just another story based on nothing more than an illustration which has become larger than life.


verey sifi but all in al not bad i thot it was relly good :)


I have no idea what to say about this. The animation was fairly well done. Thats really all i have to say. The rest of the show seemed like a jumbled mess. I dont know if there was a script ahead of time, or it was written as they animate. maybe if some of the later episodes fill in whats going on, it might be good, otherwise I personally wouldnt recommend it.

Mr. G

Post apocalypse - check. Amnesiac super powered teenager - check. Artificial intelligences - check. Amoral military guy - check. Tsundere veteran teammate that survived the first wave - check

I mean Hell, I'd watch it.

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