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Black Gate

In this world there exist spiritual pathways called Gates that draw in the souls of the departed and move them to a new realm of existence. however, at times, the Black Gate does not wait for death but instead forcefully sucks out the souls from the living.
Senju is a "Mitedamashi", an agent with the power to summon or seal gates , and save people's souls. He is guardian to Hijiri, a boy he saved. After Hijiri discovers his own hidden powers, he begins a journey of self-discovery where the distant past comes back to haunt him and his choices determine life and death, not only for those he cares about, but the whole world!
from Tokyopop


Alternative Names: Reverse/End
Author: SUMIYOSHI Yukiko
Artist: SUMIYOSHI Yukiko
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Supernatural
Demographic: Shoujo
In omnibus format, 3 volumes complete.


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