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Beast Master

Leo Aoi looks like a crazy animal with wild eyes, and he goes berserk whenever he feels threatened and sees blood. That doesn't stop animal-lover Yuiko Kubozuka from befriending him, however. In fact, Yuiko is the only person Leo will listen to when he has one of his violent fits...
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Author: MOTOMI Kyousuke
Artist: MOTOMI Kyousuke
Genre: Comedy, Romance, School Life
Demographic: Shoujo
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Its funny, its emotional, its sad and beautiful. Its amazing! from the odd art style to the characters personalities to the interesting plot the author has come up with. A boy that has lived in the wild with no human contact and a girl that loves animals, what do they have in common? they both got caught up in the twists and turns of this authors wild world of Beast Master. I love pretty much everything about this manga, from the way it tugs at your heart to the way it makes you smile and giggle it really is an amazing read. This is something that is on my recommended reading list as well as my MUST READ manga list.

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